This litter will be sold with LIMITED AKC registration and a health guarantee.  Puppies will be up to date on vaccines and deworming.  

Shipping cost is $575, includes airfare, kennel, and health certificate.  Flights will be through Delta Dash

I know this is more than some of the other puppies you will find for sale, but they probably do not have genetic testing to this extent.  Genetic testing has been done, not only on Daisy and stud dog but past generations as well.  I have spent so much time researching breeders and dogs, temperament, genetic testing, ensuring that the sire is not just a kennel dog/breeding stock, that he is taken out of his surroundings and has a strong, reliable, calm temperament in various situations.   Military discount is $100 for past and present serving.   Thank you for your service!  Deposit is $300 and is based on a first come basis.  Deposit is not refundable unless breeding doesn't take or there aren't enough puppies.    Buyer has the option of being refunded then or moving to the next breeding.  If buyer backs out of wanting a puppy for any reason deposit is not refundable even if dam is not pregnant or there aren’t enough puppies. There is no extra charge for 1st pick of the litter, 1st deposit received for each sex has first pick of litter.  Breeder reserves the right to refuse sale of a puppy to an individual.  

Temperament tests will be done on all puppies.  

Early socialization is key.   These puppies will be socialized with our other dog, cats, and children.   You need to make sure you continue to socialize your puppy.  Each new experience should be fun.  German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, easy to train.  They need to be taught obedience at the very least.   

Pet Guarantee: Until 2 years of age

Harana GSD Puppy Contract

1. Seller guarantees puppy to be healthy at the time of sell to the best of my ability.
2. Seller guarantees that the puppy has been on a set deworming and vaccination program.
3. Seller guarantees the puppy to be free from crippling Hip-dysplasia (rated severe by OFA).
4. Seller guarantees puppy to be free of spinal myopathy DM (at risk) by DNA.
5. Seller guarantees puppy to be free of genetic heart and pancreas conditions, No other guarantees exist stated or implied.
6. Seller will take back puppy within ten days after purchase for any reason with a full refund minus the deposit and shipping & delivery expenses. Seller is not responsible for any costs associated with buyer returning puppy.
7. Although I will always OFA the elbows too, seller does not guarantee elbows as growing conditions/feed are more the 70 % responsible on elbow development. Dogs raised on hard surface are more likely to have arthritic signs of ED.

Buyer responsibility:

1. Buyer has 72 hours to take this puppy to the veterinarian of your choice for a well health exam. It is the Buyers responsibility to keep puppy/dog up to date on vaccines.
2. The dog has been feed a good quality food and has not been subject to accident or injury that may have caused the condition.

3. The puppy has not been sold to a second party or stayed with another owner then the buyer on this contract.
4. Spaying or neutering of this dog male or female before 16 months will void this contract.
5. Said puppy male or female must never produce a litter (accident or not) or all guarantees are voided.                                                             6. Unless this contract is signed and returned to me with in ten days of purchase all guarantees are voided.

7. Warning: Do not give ingested insecticide/or combo pills: Sentinel, trifexis, nexguard, Heartguard Plus or any other pill given for fleas/ticks and or heartworm combined. Ingestible Heartworm prevention alone is allowed. ONLY topical flea and tick prevention is allowed. Bravecto also has caused major health problems including death of animals.

8. Any dog or puppy bought from Harana GSD may not be sold or given to another party without the express written consent of Stacy Watkins of Harana GSD. Doing so will void contract.
Seller is not responsible for any future vet bills of any puppy or dog purchased from Harana GSD.
9. Buyer must provide Orthopedic Animals Foundation statement (for hips) rated, severe by OFA) that the dog has a genetic or defect covered by this agreement. X-rays must not be taken from 30 days prior to estrus cycle to 30 days post estrus cycle in female dogs. For Hips I will only accept OFA evaluation (they must be sent to OFA & receive a severe rating in hips and or elbows). If the dog is determined to have a genetic defect guaranteed above, then the seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal or higher value at the first available litter. All expenses returning and getting new dog are Buyers responsibility. Seller has the right to request x-rays to be repeated at sellers choice of veterinarian and resubmitted to OFA. 

Buyer May keep original Pup! Seller is under no obligation to refund the money paid for the puppy.

Shipment of replacement puppy will be at the buyer's expense. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RETURN PUP/DOG with the genetic defect! Seller may choose to refund 50% of purchase price but is not obligated to do so.

Temper Guarantee:

If temperament doesn’t work out for the buyer, the buyer may return dog to seller. This is buyers expense to return puppy/dog to Seller. If Seller feels dog is overly aggressive to buyer and/or immediate family until 16 months old and has attended numerous training classes, has attended all classes and has worked with dog on a regular basis and seller does not feel temperament was caused by the family, then 50% refund of purchase price may be given; this is at Sellers discretion. Temperament is also environment and training. If the dog must be euthanized, this is always the buyer’s expense. Proof of training is required, along with names and contact information of trainers.

Pet Guarantee (AKC limited registration) not for breeding
SIRE: Royalair’s Silver Saber CGC Dam: Royalair’s Daisy Harana CGC ***I agree by signing this contract to contact
Stacy Watkins FIRST before rehoming this dog or puppy

Purchase Price: $1,500.00 for female puppy $2,200.00 for male puppy.    If paying balance by check it must be received 2 weeks prior to picking up your puppy.  

Shipping cost is $575.00 if applicable 

Date of deposit: ____________      Deposit:_________

Buyer ________________________________


Date of Sale:___________ Balance paid:__________
I agree to the conditions of this contact and will abide by it to the best of my ability.

Buyer________________________________________________________ Date ___________ Seller_________________ _______________________________________ Date ___________

Please do not spay or neuter before 16 months of age. A large breed neutered dog has 10X the HD, 30X the bone cancer,, much higher rates of all other autoimmune diseases, and temper neurosis, then their unneutered counter parts. Hormones are essential in proper growth of brain and bone they do a lot more than just sex. This dog is not sold for breeding (unless otherwise stated) , and spaying is still recommended at a later age.

DO NOT FEED SCIENCE DIET, Iams.   DO NOT GIVE ANY ORAL FLEA AND TICK/HEARTWORM COMBINATION: Trifexis, Nexguard OR any other flea/tick & heartworm pill. Please research what your veterinarian recommends or wants to prescribe for medications. Some medications are not recommended for large breed dogs or dogs under/over a certain age and can affect their health, joints, neurological, among other things. Always feel free to contact me with any questions. 


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