Royalair's Daisy Harana CGC. She is about 28"at withers and weighsa lean 102lbs. She passed her CGC at 10 months old.  OFA prelims good hips and normal elbows, DM N/A.  She is so sweet and loving.   Has the perfect amount of protectiveness for us. Doesn't get upset when our children and their friends are wrestling around or are running in and out of the house. She does watch the perimeter of the yard and will let us and others know if someone is there. She is like a nanny. I can have her across a playground and if she sees someone new walking by our children she will stop what she's doing just to watch to make sure everything is okay.  She does not bark or make noise in these situations, just watches. I think paired with Saber these pups will be amazing. My dogs are not just kept in the house. They go where ever they can with me, school, various pet and home improvement stores, outside restaurant/coffee shops, parks and playgrounds.  Next planned breeding will be summer 2017.  Daisy will be bred to Saber by AI.  All German Shepherd puppies will be standard short coat since Saber does not carry the long coat gene.   Puppies will be raised in our house, they will be  socialized with our other dog and cats.  Puppies will be receiving a lot of attention from our children.

Recent pics of Daisy
Daisys Mom- Royalair's Dark Illusion CGC
Daisys dad- Royalair's Levi Jeans


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