Large German shepherd, old fashioned German shepherd, AKC, family GSD, DM tested, OFA hips and elbows, German Shepherd breeder located in charlotte, NC

Large, straight back, old fashioned German Shepherd Dog (GSD).   Daisy is a short long coat German Shepherd, heavy bone, very sweet maternal instincts with children and infants, low drive.  Both German Shepherd parents are OFA and DM tested.  These will be Large German Shepherd Puppies with straight back.  German Shepherds bred for health,  temperament, and intelligence.  German Shepherd puppies will be available for sale.   You can learn more and see pics about Daisy, Saber, contact info and litter info on their pages.
I want to thank Robin Krumm for such a wonderful addition to our family and giving me the opportunity to breed dogs again.  
     Animals have always been such an important and fulfilling part of my life. At 13 yrs old I started working at a stable that I rode at.   Attended a vocational agricultural high school which allowed me to work with large and small animals.   Showed and bred Newfoundland dogs as a teenager.    I have had a wide variety of breeds of dogs.   I had a shepherd mix which I connected to in such an amazing way.  That  is what made me want a shepherd once we were ready for another dog.  


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